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Welcome to K9 Confidence!
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June 9th 2016

We've been having a huge problem with our email server over the last month! If you have sent us an email and have not received a response, please try again. We have updated with new email addresses. 

Thank you!


September 2013

BIG NEWS!! We are excited to announce that Bonnie McDonald has joined our team at K9 Confidence! Bonnie comes from a background of working with dogs that have behavioral challenges, and also excels at tracking and obedience work. She will be doing all of our puppy classes, and also some of our Basic Obedience classes!  Stay tuned in the spring for some tracking seminars and learn how to work with your dog in one of the most primal ways. Lots of fun to be had! Welcome Bonnie!

July 2013

Our new class schedule is up! Thanks everyone for your patience and condolences while I got through this sad time. Let's get training!

January 2013

Happy New Year to all! Since the world didn't end in 2012, we've gone forward with posting our new class schedule! No excuses now, let's get those dogs trained!  Contact us at kelly@k9confidence.com to book your spot in our upcoming classes.

December 2012

We are full for boarding for the holiday season! Thank you to all of our clients, for your phenomenal support and trusting us with your fur babies! Merry Christmas to all! We are wishing each of you the very best for 2013!!

We've had a ton of fun around here this month! Some of our regulars and some new faces too! Here are a few..

Nova & little Uschi Their first stay with us and we had SO much fun!

We are always happy to see Tocai & Izzy coming once again to stay with us

Most handsome Bosco, has been here for board and train in the past and now comes every year to spend Christmas with us.

Keep up the good work Bosco!

November 2012

Christmas is right around the corner! Don't forget that we offer gift certificates that can be used towards any of our training or boarding services! Contact us at kelly@k9confidence.com to order in time for Christmas!


October 2012

It's been very busy around here these last few months, and we've been remiss in congratulating a few of our graduating classes! Congratulations to each and every one of you!! Your hard work with your dogs has paid off! Well done! 


June 20th, 2012

See me to get your tickets! Win a car and help homeless dogs at the same time!



March 19th, 2012

Big Congratulations to Laura, Ian & Lexi, Kelsey, Jeff & Chewie and Diane, Cory & Shiloh!! Great work you guys! Your pups are well on their way now. What a huge improvement for all! 

See you in basic!

January 23rd, 2012

We hope you have all weathered the snow and heavy winter conditions we have been having this year. With these severe cold temperatures, pleas don't leave your dog outside in the cold for long periods of time. Wind chill makes days colder than actual temperature readings. Be attentive to your dog's body temperature, and limit its time outdoors. 

In the wintertime, dogs are more susceptible to illness. Carefully monitor your dog to catch any illness early. Frostbite is a potential hazard, especially for dogs not offered proper housing. The tips of the ears, tail and feet are particularly susceptible.

Exposure to salt and ice melts can be a hazard if these products are used near the dog. The dog may walk in the salt and ingest some while licking paws. Ingestion of salt or other products used to melt ice can lead to gastrointestinal upset, burns of the esophagus or stomach or burns on the pads of the feet.

Exposure to cold weather, especially associated with high winds, can result in a low body temperature. Hypothermia can be fatal if not treated immediately. Please consider your pet's needs this winter and take extra precautions!


December 17th, 2011

We say good-bye to our very special girl - Shylo. Shylo came to us after being thrown out of a moving vehicle on the highway. For days she wandered around a trailer park, getting into people garbages, trying to find something to eat and survive. She slept under porches and tried to stay out of the way until hunger drove her out to search for food.
Finally someone called animal control and she spent the next several weeks in the pound, literally curled up in a ball, willing herself to die.

The day we came down to see Shylo, she was mostly bald from her shoulders all the way down to the back of her tail. She suffered from an untreated thyroid condition and was in pretty rough shape. She had so many rotten teeth that we had to have many of them removed...

But once Shylo was well again, her true spirit started to shine through! She was happy and animated and just seemed to make you laugh with her silly ways. She got away with bloody murder and that was fine with us, we were happy to cater to her every whim. If she wanted up on the couch, she'd throw her front paws up and then hollar at me to come and lift her rear up for her. At dinner times, she yelled at me to hurry up. :)
And in every single way, she made my heart swell when I looked at her.
Shylo's pain could no longer be controlled and it was showing in a big way. Today, we released her to run and play once more.
Run on now Shy. Be whole once more.  We love you and won't ever forget...

November 7th, 2011

Our new class schedule is now up and we are taking names and booking spots. These will be the last classes of the year, so book your spot early!

Boarding for Christmas is filling up fast and we only have a couple of spaces left. If you are thinking about booking your pooches in for the holidays, please contact us as soon as possible to reserve your space. 


October 23th, 2011

We say good-bye to Griffin as he leaves our pack and moves on to a very bright future! Good luck Griffy! Enjoy the good life! You will be missed!


September 14th, 2011

Ticket sales are now open for GSRBC's 4th annual DOGTOBERFEST!! Make sure and get your tickets early! This is such a great evening for a great cause! Hope to see you there!

August 28th 2011

New fall class schedule is up! Contact us today to reserve your spot to have a well trained pooch! 


July  2011

Big congratulations to Samantha & Sparky, Maggie & Bella, Heather & Gunnar, Ken & Kenya, Paul & Bella, Kathleen & Mocha and Chelsea & Toby on graduating Basic 2!! Samantha & Sparky won the most improved award! 

Great job you guys! What a fun class this was!


June 30th 2011

Make sure and check out GSRBC's latest fundraising raffle! Some very exciting prizes! Hurry and get your tickets! Draw date is August 31st

May 25th 2011

We've been very busy around here between boarding and training sessions. Our Basic 2 class is underway and we are working in various areas around Chilliwack. So if you see a pack of dogs out and about honing their skills around distractions - feel free to pull up a seat and watch some very clever dogs in training! We welcome all distractions! This is a very fun class and dogs and handlers are having a great time proofing what their dogs have already learned as well as picking up new skills! 

This month, we've like to give honorable mention to Lexie, the belle of the ball. Lexie had such a great time while she was here with us for an extended stay. When she went home, my resident dogs spent a whole day looking all over the property for her :)

Sometimes there is nothing better or more rewarding than seeing dogs happy and playing well together! 


April 17th 2011

Does anyone know what that bright round thing in the sky is? We're still only getting a glimpse of it here and there, but someone said they thought if could be the sun... Then the next day it snowed!! Crazy, crazy weather we're having!

We've been staying busy with many new boarding clients as well as our regulars. Thank you so much to all of you for trusting us to take care of your furry friends. It has been a pleasure to have so many great dogs around this month!

On top of spending time with our new friends, we have added a new boy to our pack. Introducing the very special and super handsome, Enzo. Enzo is 7 months old and has come to us from a close friend. He is just starting out in basic obedience and soon you will see him around in our classes doing demos and showing you what your dogs can accomplish too! But hang onto your hearts - He's a stunner for sure!

March 19th 2011

Is it possible that spring is actually going to happen this year? We've been waiting so patiently for the sun to come out and take away all this mud! 

No matter what the weather, this group trudged out every week to class and worked hard with their dogs. Big congratulations to Tiffany & Lucy, Tasha & Peanut, Isabelle & Scam, and Samantha and Sparky for graduating Basic 1!! Great job guys!! I look forward to seeing you in Basic 2 and Intermediate :)

February 14th 2011

We are very happy to report that Red has gone off to her new home!! She will be greatly missed around here, but I'm so happy for her that she has finally found her special place in this world!


January 4th 2011

Hope everyone has survived the holidays for another year! 

We stayed pretty busy taking care of your pooches over the holidays and are excited to get back to training and hope you are too!  Our new year class schedule has been posted (check out the 'group classes' link for days and times) and we are filling up quickly. Call or email us to reserve your spot and let's get our best paw forward for the new year!

I'd like to hear your thoughts on what kind of events you would be interested in attending this year. Last year, we put on a couple of herding clinics, a tracking seminar, dog aggression seminar, living with a rescue dog clinic, and various levels of obedience classes. We plan to do some of those again this year, but I would love to hear your thoughts on what areas are of interest to you. Please feel free to email your comments to me at kelly@k9confidence.com 

Happy New Year to all! I hope 2011 is good to you!


December 20th, 2010

I wanted to write you to tell you, you see, That Loki and I are grateful pups, he and me.
We love our life, friends and foster bros, We consider them part of our pack, and so,
What do I ask you for Christmas this year? Well, I have a list that's near and dear.
I'd like for all pups needing a home, To find a family and not need to roam.
I wish for all those scared, cold and hungry, To be safe, warm and have a nice full tummy.
My hope is for all pets with no family, To have one of their own, like me, finally.

For those afraid of some of us pups, I'd like them to learn and shed their prejudice,
Realize that when they label us bad, It's not always us, and it's very sad.
Help folks realize that breed doesn't matter, It's the people that raise them, not all the chatter.

Help all the children to learn how to be, Aware of how to love us, it's really key!
For great friendships with us all of their lives, They need to understand us, so together we'll thrive.
Help their parents teach them how and to know, The best ways to be with us, as we both grow

Watch over the pups who help humans each day, that guide, search and rescue and calm those at bay.
The work that they do is very admired, they save lives and help with skills they've acquired.
Please give them a special treat in their stocking, and send them some love when you come a knocking...
For pups that are sick, please help them get well, we'd be lost without them, we're under their spell.

And if they are old and it's time to go.. help them make the transition, don't make it slow.
And help those who have lost their very best friend... comfort them and share, they'll see them again.
Can you tell folks who are way too mean, that hurt us, scare us, and keep us too lean,
That they need some help to understand, we can be their best friend, always at hand.
We'll love, admire and be more than expected, if only we're loved and highly respected.

Another request that we have for rover, is to stop those who breed us over and over.
It's cruel and sad for pups to live that way, they rarely get care and can never play.
We want to end horrific places like this, where only a fat wallet concern exists.
Help people understand, that whenever, and if, their pup is bad, and starts getting in a riff,
That the pup needs a job, just like all of them, to be the best they can be, a shining gem.
Training and working is what helps us behave, it stimulates our mind, it's what we crave!

Please help those who think fighting us is fun... it's heartless! It's horrible and something to shun!!
While robbing us all of a wonderful life, the pain and cruelty cuts like a knife...
Share info with all, the tall and the small, we're pets to be loved, not to brawl.

I ask that you pay particular attention, give a pat on the back and a special mention,
To all the folks who rescue and shelter; They care for us, feed us and find us an adopter,
Over and over, they never think twice! They give so much, to be very precise.

That's all I ask for my Christmas gift - For you to bring these on your evening shift.
Thanks Santa, for listening, it's wonderful to know, That you grant all our wishes and continue to bestow.
We wish you and everyone a great holiday, with peace and love... It's the only way!

Loves and licks, to you and yours!
DeJay & Loki

November 10th, 2010

We are now taking reservations for boarding over the holiday season. If you are thinking of booking your furry friend into our facility during the upcoming months, please book well in advance. Spaces are filling up fast! Reservations require a non-refundable deposit. Please contact us for more details on what is required for your dog to enjoy their visit with us. 

October 30th, 2010

Please be sure to keep your pets safe this Halloween. Fireworks and ghostly goblins can be terrifying for some dogs. Avoid the risk and keep your dogs safe inside. Here are some great tips for reducing the stress for our furry friends:



September 11th, 2010

Ticket sales are now open for GSRBC's 3rd annual DOGTOBERFEST!! Make sure and get your tickets early! This is such a great evening for a great cause!


August 20th, 2010

If you are looking for a great dog to add to your family, be sure to check out GSRBC's adoption pages at www.gsrbc.com/Adoption.htm  


June 6th, 2010

Adoption has been completed for Gunnar and he has gone off to his very fabulous new home! He is greatly missed around here, but I know he is in the best of hands!  We had a tracking workshop this weekend, and Gunnar and his new family attended. Well.... I just couldn't be HAPPIER with this shot!! That's right Gunnar, break them in slowly!! Atta boy!

May  2010

We've had many boarding dogs through this month, but a special mention has to go to the blonde bombshell that shook things up and had a blast at the same time! When she wasn't taking off with my gardening tools, she was quite the joy to have around! haha! Your welcome back any time Bella!

April 2010

Mocha was a young girl with a big heart and an attitude to match! With hard work and perseverance on Kathleen's part, Mocha is well on her way! Congratulations to Kathleen & Mocha on completing your basic obedience! A job very well done!


March  27th, 2010

Be sure to check out GSRBC's latest fundraising efforts! Win a trip for two to Whistler!

GSRBC Spring Raffle

March  21st, 2010

Congratulations to Enzo on completing his 3 weeks in boot camp! It was a pleasure to work with Enzo and help him along his way in the world. Good boy Enzo! You did it and I am SO proud of you! 

February 24th, 2010

We hope you all made it through the holiday season with ease and are well on your way to a successful year!

We've been super busy around here these last few months, and with the wonderfully mild winter we've had, we've been able to get a whole lot done around here! New floors have gone in, the painting is all done, walls have come down, other walls have gone up, fencing, fencing and more fencing... whew! It's all coming together nicely :)

Our classes are underway once again and our first basic class of the year (which is full) starts tonight! We're looking forward to seeing you all, and getting to work!

Please check the group classes page for more information on when the next class starts and book well in advance to secure your spot.

We're also happy to announce that both Cargo and Shaq have gone off to their new homes! Both are missed around here like crazy, but are doing so well in their new environments - and that's what it's all about!

Since then, we have had little Emma come into boarding, as well as Reba. Both wonderful dogs that are looking for great homes. Zoey and Shylo are still here as well, and are also looking for a home of their own. Please check them out on the rescue's website and contact them if you are able to give any of these beauties a home.

December 20th, 2009

We're happy to announce that Ebony has gone off to her new home!  What a wonderful Christmas present for a wonderful dog!

We wish all of you a warm and wonderful holiday season. Thank you so much for all your support and helping us along the way! 

Here's to a bright and exciting New year! May all your wishes come true!

November 30th, 2009

 Congratulations to Cindy and Hunter for all your hard work and mastering your basic obedience!


October 30th, 2009

K9 Confidence was happy to see Hailey, Darby and Zena go off to their forever homes. We now welcome Ebony into our clan! She is our latest foster dog, and after a few short weeks, this beautiful girl will be looking for a home of her own! Check out GSRBC's adoption page if you are looking to add a great dog to your family!

September 15th, 2009

Congratulations to Meelah, Rolo, Cedar & Juneau, on graduating from puppy class! You all did a great job! We look forward to seeing you in basic where we can teach your owners some more tricks! ( And hopefully the room will be finished by then!) Special thanks to little Rolo for keeping us laughing!

September 14th, 2009

Looking for a fun night out that will also help homeless animals in need? Check out GSRBC's Dogtoberfest and contact them right away to get your tickets! This event is in Langley and generates much needed funds for the organization to be able to continue. Ticket sales are going fast, so don't delay!


August 25th, 2009

We are so happy to report that Izzy has found a home! She'll be sharing a home with one of our clients and their amazing boy Tocai! Thank you to the Drake's for taking Izzy the rest of the way!

If you are looking for a great family companion, please check out Darby,  Hailey, Zena or Cargo


July 17th, 2009

We are happy to report that Cassidy has found a home! Good-bye Cass! We'll miss you around here, but we know you are going to do just fine!

If you are looking for a great family companion, please check out Darby,  Izzy or Cargo


June 7th, 2009

There are still a few things we need done around the property, such as a secondary fence, some windows installed in the kennels, concrete poured, doggie decks built and some carpentry work. We are willing to trade our services for yours, so if you have some skills, or are just open to wielding a paint brush, let us know and we'd be happy to work something out!  

We're also currently keeping up with the grass on this huge piece of property with a push mower and are in great need of a ride on one. If you have one in good working order, we would be happy to trade for some boarding or training services! email us at kelly@k9confidence.com 


June 1st, 2009

Welcome! We have officially bought our property and are open and underway! This has been a huge undertaking and we are so thankful for so many of you and the support you have shown to help get us started. Our love for dogs is only surpassed by our love and gratitude to you! Words can not express how thankful we are to have so much support and be surrounded by so many great people! We truly have been blessed...

We are excited to get started with our group obedience lessons, so please check out our group classes for dates and times, and contact to book your spot. Classes fill up fast, and we keep them small, so don't delay. 10% of all our class proceeds are donated to rescue to help homeless dogs in need.





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