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Don't Blame him...    Train him!

Welcome to K9 Confidence!

A preferred provider of professional boarding & training services


The ultimate goal at K9 Confidence is to create happy and lasting relationships between people and their dogs. There is no greater joy we receive than passing on what we have learned over the years, and watching a deeper relationship develop between human and canine. Through better education, we want to raise the bar in the understanding of the human-K9 bond. The individual success and satisfaction of every client is our purpose as well as our promise. 

Unlike a lot of other facilities, we really do work in the best interest of your dog, and when they are happy, well behaved and a pleasure to be around, so are their people - which is what we are setting out to achieve.

There are many different methods of dog training in use today ranging from shock collars and other highly corrective techniques to 100% positive reinforcement with no correction. All these methods can achieve a certain degree of success, however, we do not believe highly corrective techniques are humane. This shocking, yanking, pinching and hitting type training destroys the bond with your dog. A fearful dog does not look forward to working with you. We love and respect our dogs and treat our clients' dogs just as we would our own.

Then there is 100% positive training that ignores distractions and corrections. The dog must be bribed or begged with a food or toy reward to do anything. You see this type of training in many of the large pet warehouse type retail stores that use only head halters and clickers. Often, not always, this is poor and ineffective training. There is nothing wrong with clickers (marker training), food, toys, or many of these training techniques. But, since they ignore distractions and corrections in training, they severely limit the training possibilities with dogs. 

Take this scenario into account: You have worked hard at obedience training with your dog using treats. You call your dog, he comes, you give him a treat. You then put him in a down/stay and he does, you give him a treat. You have conditioned him to the treat. - Now, you are somewhere new, and were busy doing something and your dog wandered and explored his surroundings. Next thing you know, your dog is across the street. Traffic is coming, and your dog is about to cross the road to come back to you. You give the signal and holler for him to down. What is this dog going to do? That's right, he is going to come to you to get that treat, heading full on into traffic. 

Not only does treat/bribery training give dogs the opportunity to be selective in if they will listen, this training can sometimes create pushy, dominant behavior in your dog and even aggression along with a few other behavioral problems. In our opinion, bribery does not give the handler the respect that is needed to carry on past basic obedience and does nothing for solving long term behavioral issues.

So what works best?

We believe the answer is finding balance between motivation and correction. Every dog is different, just as every human is different. A good dog trainer has the ability to read a dogs mental well being through an understanding of dog psychology, pack structure, and body language. A good dog trainer will then adjust their training to maintain and promote that state of mental well being in your dog, and show you how to do that too. Training should be fun and rewarding for both you and your dog!

Our training programs utilize positive reinforcement partnered with discipline. What does this mean? It means we create a learning environment that allows for more motivation and praise than correction. This training promotes enthusiasm in your dog's obedience and behavior with reliable control. Treats are given at the end of a training sessions, as well as play time; Rewarding for a job well done! We all want a well balanced dog we can be proud of!

Picture credits: Tanner, available for adoption with German Shepherd Rescue of BC

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